Here at DTD we always give more !


  • We have the largest number of delivery trucks dedicated only to wheels.
  • We have MORE daily deliveries dedicated only to wheels.
    • By our trucks.
    • By express courier services.
    • By carriers.



  • We have the MOST number of representatives dedicated to the steel wheel.
  • We have MORE people dedicated to customer service than anyone in the wheel business.
  • Our in-house people are trained to be MORE versatile in order to provide you with the best customer experience possible.


  • At DTD you will live a PLUS experience
    • They are humans who answer your calls.
    • These are humans who follow up on your transactions, whatever the nature.
    • Members of management are available to support the rest of the team.
      We believe that behind our business partners, there are first and foremost humans.


  • We have the largest selection of OEM wheels on the market.
  • We have the BIGGEST steel wheel application coverage than anyone else in the market.
  • We have the largest selection of replacement models in sizes 18 ", 19" and 20 ".


  • MORE severe oscillation standards.
    • We have the toughest industry standards for radial and lateral oscillation.
  • Our finish is MORE
    • We have a unique process that allows our wheels to resist fading or corrosion longer.
  • We apply MORE procedures to make our wheels the best in the business:
    • An engraved identification is visible on each of our wheels for easy identification.
    • All our wheels are boxed in custom-made boxes.
    • All of our wheels are wrapped in a plastic bag before being boxed to prevent friction that damages the finish of the wheels.


  • We work directly with the owners and engineers of partner manufacturers to have MORE control over the quality of our products.
    • We own more than 80% of the molds and production tools for our wheels.
    • We work together with the designers to develop new models.
    • We do not use agents, we work directly with our partner factories.


  • We are the fastest growing steel wheel distributor in the past 5 years


  • We offer you the widest range of possibilities to meet your needs.
    • New wheels:
      • OEM wheels.
      • Direct Fit wheels.
      • Multi-Application Wheels.
    • Take-Off wheels.
    • Used wheels.
    • Winter replacement wheels.


  • DTD is recognized for its GREATER flexibility with its partner distributors.
    • For guarantees.
    • For returns and exchanges.
    • For its support and follow-ups with its customers and partners


  • DTD always listens to its customers/partners in order to be the one who will bring the MOST return on investment to them.
    • Many of our many competitive advantages have been implemented following ideas from our clients/partners.
    • We always work with the goal of making the life of our customers/partners EASIER.


  • We are hiring so that we have even MORE representatives to serve our customers.
  • We are expanding our customer service to provide MORE support to our customers/partners.
  • We are adding MORE delivery trucks to provide MORE service.
  • We are moving to larger PLUS in order to have a larger and more diverse inventory.
  • We are implementing a brand new website to make your customer experience EASIER and FASTER with MORE information.