1. Reassessing our priorities

    Reassessing our priorities




    When we see what is presently happening in Ukraine, more than ever, it’s time to look at ourselves, analyze and re-evaluate our priorities.


    It is extremely sad to see what is happening, especially to see the victims of this totally incomprehensible war. We have a thought for all the Ukrainians in the world, but also for the Russians who do not share the opinion of their leader. They are also judged and categorized. They absorb all the c

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  2. The challenge we are experiencing

    The challenge we are experiencing



    As you know, the international supply crisis has deeply affected us, and we are now feeling it in all our daily lives. Rising prices, delivery delays, limited quantities are the present realities.


    In our field, the wheel one (directly linked to the tires), the challenge is huge. In addition to raising primary materials and manufacturing costs, shipping prices have killed the cost of wheels whether steel or aluminum. Also, the difficulty of finding containers,

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  3. Winter is here! Here's how to store your summer wheels and tires

    Winter is here! Here's how to store your summer wheels and tires



    The cold season is back, and your car will have to be fitted with winter tires by December 1st.

    When removing summer tires, car owners must manage the storage of tires and wheels they are not using. How and where do we store them?

    The easiest solution is to pay a garage or specialty warehouse who offers a storage service, which will cost you $ 30-50 for a six-month period. These places are a great solution if you run out of space at home or simply don't want to bring

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  4. The consumer will end up paying the price!

    The consumer will end up paying the price!



    It's no longer an open secret that prices are rising in all sectors. We've all heard that the price of raw materials like wood or steel are skyrocketing and the price increases are starting to make their way into the consumer sector. So no business player can be surprised.

    Cars, car parts, accessories, electronics, consumer products, price increases are imminent. The shortage of electronic chips has slowed down the pace of the automotive industry and has

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  5. Can we predict the unpredictable ?

    Can we predict the unpredictable ?



    Four weeks have passed since the launch of our website! We are still refining our web portal during this busy period.


    We have put in and continue to put in a great deal of effort to meet your needs. Obviously, we had wished everything to be perfect from the get-go, but it is through your feedback that we will be able to improve your customer experience. We thank you, dear customers and partners, for your constructive comments, your patience, your support

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  6. Launch of the new DTD2009 website

    Launch of the new DTD2009 website


    After a full year of reflection, creation of models, databases and development, here is our new website! We hope you will like it and that it will meet your expectations. Do not hesitate to send us your comments, we are listening to you.

    Launch of the new DTD website, Online Store, of course!

    This new site, the main showcase of our company, is obviously the menu of an online store. In other words, you can shop your DTD wheels from any location

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  7. "My tires are out of balance."

    "My tires are out of balance."


    Not so sure !

    A customer that you served comes back a few hours after he was served by you and says to you with a frustrated look on his face; ''You misbalanced my tires. I feel a vibration when I drive".

    This has certainly happened at every tire service center before. When this happens, you have to consider that the customer is standing in front of you, unhappy, and wants the service center to fix the problem right away. Of course, you make room for them immediately

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  8. COVID-19




    Our offices are open Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. but no visitors are accepted without an appointment.

    Please know that we take the COVID-19 situation very seriously, and so various preventive measures are put in place to ensure the safety of our employees as well as that of our customers.


    • Wearing a mask is MANDATORY.
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  9. The steel wheels are still in

    The steel wheels are still in


    The cold season is approaching fast and it's time to think about winter tires.

    Although winter tires are mandatory in Quebec, getting an extra set of wheels is not. However, there is no doubt that buying them will generate long-term savings for the vehicle owner.

    For the last 10 years, the popularity of aluminum wheels has been growing every year. In percentage terms, aluminum is gaining ground over steel wheels, but the number of steel wheels sold is increasing year after year. This

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  10. are-you-a-real-wheel-specialist

    Are you a real wheel specialist ?


    Winter is slowly but surely approaching and winter tire season is upon us.

    When we think of winter tires we also think of "WINTER WHEELS".  Winter wheels are great opportunities to add value to tire sales for tire specialists, mechanical shops, car dealerships, new and used auto parts stores and more.

    However, history makes it seem that everyone becomes a tire and wheel specialist during this period. As far as tires are concerned, the required sizes are easily identifiable and

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