Reassessing our priorities



When we see what is presently happening in Ukraine, more than ever, it’s time to look at ourselves, analyze and re-evaluate our priorities.


It is extremely sad to see what is happening, especially to see the victims of this totally incomprehensible war. We have a thought for all the Ukrainians in the world, but also for the Russians who do not share the opinion of their leader. They are also judged and categorized. They absorb all the collateral damage of this conflict.


This is where we realize that even in our everyday actions, between members of the same family, between friends, between co-workers and even in business, we are all in competition to improve each other. At the moment, our little conflicts have nothing to compare with what is happening. It is time to unify were one, and mentally, humanly or even financially support the Ukrainian people. I encourage everyone to do a little something, no matter how small, to raise funds, clothing, food or anything that might help.


Every gesture counts. Let's put aside our differences, regardless of the level and unite, to do something that will not only have the goal of enriching ourselves personally.


Our thoughts are with the victims of this conflict.




Sylvain Dupuis, president