We are creators and importers of WHEEL DTD OEM Plus.

We offer products that meet all original standards and even more.

The OEM plus concept is the result of a partnership between our visionary Sylvain, a specialized team and loyal factories whose objective was to develop high quality products while respecting the original engineering. It is therefore under this value chain concept that we have affixed the DTDEOM+ seal.



Once our products are received at our warehouse, it is not enough to distribute them without question. Far from it! Our team undertakes "test fits" to ensure that each batch meets all standards. Nothing is left to chance!


Our work makes sense because the expertise belongs to DTD. Owner of its molds, a human resource with years of experience, accurate databases. We cannot make exceptional products if the expertise is not there. We thus obtain products of superior quality while respecting ascension values.


We cannot limit ourselves to creating quality and specialty wheels: we wish to contribute to the advancement of general knowledge of our industry and its processes. From manufacturing to distribution, we are committed to process innovation.

Overall DTD OEM + is

 A high quality product

 A concern for manufacturing processes

 Manufacturing with specialized components and raw materials

 A personalized and courteous distribution network

 The commitment of each team member to your complete satisfaction.