OEM Take-off

OEM TAKE-OFF wheels are wheels that are manufactured by automobile manufacturers and have been installed on a vehicle originally. They are ideal for one-time damaged wheel replacements or for upgrading a vehicle. These wheels are almost like new.

These wheels are extremely popular with car dealerships who are used to promoting original parts made by manufacturers. These wheels are ideal for installing winter tires as a replacement for the expensive aluminum wheels that are typically included with summer tires.

For those who believe that nothing can adequately replace genuine parts, this alternative is an option of choice. Also, the fact that this type of wheel was originally installed and subsequently removed from vehicles, it is considered to be slightly used. So they are often sold at a slightly lower price than new replacement wheels.

It is also an ecological way of helping to recycle goods and thus make a gesture for the future generations who will inhabit our planet.

One of the peculiarities of "take-off" type wheels is that they will often be sold with a valve already installed and also weights may be pinched on the lips of these wheels. These weights were used to balance the original wheel and tire. You must make sure that these weights are removed from the edge of the wheels before fitting new tires on them.

So, choosing '' Take-Off '' type wheels is a way to collaborate in the preservation of our resources, to recycle, to save money and also to be sure of the quality of the products to the standards of the manufacturers.

Contact our customer service, or your DTD representative to check availability on "take-off" type wheels.

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