Our history

We are for free spirits 

Founded by Sylvain Dupuis, a nonconformist and free thinker, DTD2009 seeks to ignite passions and to assert itself as 'THE REFERENCE' in the field of the wheel. We collaborate with those who are said to be rebels, those distributors, those retailers, those dealers who defy conventions and push the limits. By distributing wheels, the spirit without borders animates each of our actions. 

A little less docile, a little more febrile 

Each new wheel is a co-creation that translates into Chinese and Quebec know-how: imagination feeds engineering. In our facilities, we combine the best materials, extracted from recycled metals, to create wheels of exceptional quality, meeting all OEM standards and more. We defy all tolerances! 

A philosophy of peace of mind 

As the first importer of steel wheels with a custom packaging box, DTD 2009 INC adheres to the principles of prime time by defining an efficient and dynamic transportation system.  From our address to yours, we control the quality and courtesy of our distribution at all stages.