"Multi-Application" wheels are wheels that have been designed for convenience and inventory management purposes. These wheels have the particularity of having a central hole large enough to adapt to the greatest number of vehicles possible, having the other characteristics of adaptations to vehicles.

The advantages of this type of wheel are that they reduce inventory investment for dealers or installers since they adapt to a larger number of vehicles. Multi-Application wheels are also mostly offered by large chain stores for the same reasons as mentioned above.

Over the years, a multitude of names or terms have been given to this type of wheel. Multi-Wheels, Multi-Fits Wheels, Multi-Application Wheels, Open Heart Wheels, and more. These wheels can be originally built as is, with versatile specifications, but can also be manufactured for a specific application and are engineered to convert them to wheels with greater versatility. Machinists enlarge the centers of these to a specific size, without weakening their load capacities or the solidity of their structures. If you are thinking of purchasing wheels that have been modified with this procedure, it is important to make sure that the job has been done within standards, by specialists and under strict safety criteria.

Unfortunately, there are several companies that make wheel modifications without following the recommended guidelines of it, with the sole aim of making more profit. Also it should be mentioned that when installing these types of wheels, you must be particularly careful with the sequenced tightening of the bolts because these wheels will not be supported and centered by the vehicle hub and will thus be centered by the bolts and nuts only. So if the installation and assembly are not done perfectly, users may observe vibration problems at different levels thus providing driving discomfort which could even result in premature wear of the components of their vehicles.

If this type of wheel is used, it is strongly recommended that installation be done by qualified experts who use the correct nut and bolt tightening methods.

For more information regarding "Multi Applications" wheels, you can contact your DTD representative or our customer service. A member of our team will be happy to answer your questions.

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