OE Specs

OE SPECS are wheels that are designed and manufactured, identical to the original wheel models of the manufacturers, and that the quality and manufacturing standards are equal or even superior to those required by the manufacturers.

All wheels categorized OE SPECS offered at DTD 2009 INC, have all of the following characteristics. These wheels are the same size as the OEM wheels. The purity of the steel used is equal or better than that required basis for OEM wheels. The shape of the wheel disc is identical to the OEM wheels. The seating of nuts or bolts conforms to the original specifications of the vehicle, whether tapered, rounded or even flat. Our "SPECS OE" wheels have the right fit. This prevents frequent vibration problems that arise with "aftermarket" wheel types from other distributors. The original hubcaps will fit our wheels even if they are hubcaps that attach with the bolts because the location of the valve hole is in the right place and does not interfere with the original hubcap.

DTD 2009 INC is the distributor that offers the largest choice of OE SPECS type wheels and intends to offer even more choices in the future. We work closely with auto dealers to develop and produce new models of steel wheels identical to wheels made by manufacturers. This way we give them an additional procurement option at a more affordable acquisition cost. On our side, this gives us the opportunity to offer these same products to our other customers and thus have uncompromising confidence in the authenticity of the effectiveness of our OE SPECS products that we offer.

We are always attentive to new demands from our industry and new technologies related to wheels. In this way, we will always maintain our role as a pioneer and leader in the development of OE SPECS steel wheels. You can rely on the OE SPECS type wheels from DTD 2009 INC. You rely on it for validity, performance, quality and for the severe requirements of automobile manufacturers.

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