Refurbished wheels

"REFURBISHED" wheels are used wheels, the primary structure is intact and the original product strength standards are met. They are then deeply cleaned and repainted to give them the appearance of a new wheel. It is an ecological and economical option. There are several names used to identify this type of wheel. They are called, ‘’ repainted ’,‘ ’reconditioned’, ’rebuilt’, ’’ resurfaced ’’ etc. No matter what people call them, they are a priori used.

There are many ways to make wheels look like new, but at DTD we have important steps that we follow in methodical and rigorous ways to ensure that the wheels we give a second life are safe and esthetically comparable to new wheels. The wheels refurbished by DTD are chosen according to strict selection standards. We first make sure that the wheel structure is not damaged or weakened for any reason. We also make sure that the lips of these wheels are straight and even. Then we make sure that the holes used for bolting are not damaged and are in perfect condition. Before continuing, we check the oscillation condition of the radial and lateral of the wheels so that they are easy to balance the tires that will be matched with.

Once the wheel is accepted for refurbishment, we clean it to the metal with ball blasting to remove all traces of paint and corrosion. When the steel is bare, we spray it with a special type of “Primer” p to make a wall between the steel and the topcoats. Then we paint the wheel with a paint specially designed for steel that is stronger than normal paints. Then we coat them with a layer of "clear" lightener to give the wheels extra protection to face our particular climate.

Refurbished DTD wheels are subject to a conditional warranty comparable to the ones on remanufactured parts in the market. Our "REFURBISHED" wheels have nothing to do with other wheels of this type that you will find in the market. The quality of these wheels are very acceptable. In addition, by giving steel wheels a second life, you participate in the recycling awareness movement and help preserve our planet for generations to come.

In the market of the reconditioned wheel, there are the wheels of others, and there are the DTD REFURBISHED wheels. No comparison is possible.

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