Frequently asked questions

1. Do your wheels rust?

Our wheels are treated to withstand the Canadian climate. It is easy for us to give a fair guarantee because our wheels are of superior quality. To ensure the durability of your aluminum wheels, please refer here.


2. Where are your wheels made?

In China, we have chosen our suppliers with the greatest care. We have visited them, we respect them and we are faithful. We own our drawings and establish the spectra, read.


3. What is your warranty?

All DTD products are guaranteed for a period of 1 year from the date of purchase, against any manufacturing defects or damage occurring before customer possession. DTD is obligated to only replace or refund the defective product and will cover the cost of transportation. However, certain conditions and restrictions may apply. Learn more here.


4. Can I have a copy of my invoice / statement?

You log into your account. In the MY ACCOUNT section, you choose MY ORDERS and all your orders transacted on our website will be listed there. For the antecedents, it will be necessary to reach our customer service: 514-316-7675


5. Does the X wheel fit on the X app?

Our website has a tool that can validate the request. Search by vehicle, enter the vehicle, choose the wheel and at the end of the description you will be shown all the wheel applications.


6. What is a TAKE-OFF wheel?

"TAKE-OFF" wheels are wheels manufactured by automobile manufacturers that were originally installed on a vehicle. They have been replaced with optional or aluminum wheels to improve the appearance of the vehicle. These wheels are almost like new, read.


7.  What are your payment methods?

The method of payment is established when the account is opened. Create your account


8. What are your opening hours?

Our customer service is open Monday to Friday 8:00 am to 5:00 pm. With our ChatBot, you can create a ticket at any time and we will take care of reaching you.


9. How many wheels are there on a pallet?

For 14 "and 15" wheels ⇒ 36 wheels

For 16 "wheels ⇒ 30 wheels

For 17 ", 18" and 19 "wheels ⇒ 24 wheels


10. Can your wheel covers be sold individually?

Yes! you should be paid attention to the description which indicates either the wheel cover set or the ABS wheel cover unit.


11. What is the difference between an exact fit and multi-application wheel?

The multi-application heart is larger so is used for more vehicles while the exact fit is used for a more defined number of applications. The centre bore data defines this aspect.

Example: 751401 - 67.1 which is an exact fit vs 751400 - 71.5 which is a multi-application.


12. Do you sell centering rings?

No, our replica wheels are exact fit, they do not need centering rings.


13. What are your shipping costs?

Delivery costs are defined by a geographic area defined by postal code. Depending on this, certain delivery costs are applicable. In our online store, you can easily find these charges at the end of your order. You have the option to make your own pickup or have it delivered. In this option, the costs are calculated automatically.



14. Do you have a specific date of receipt of the wheels?

Throughout the year, we receive wheels for greater precision, contact our customer service 514-316-7675



15. How do we make a return?

Directly in your connection at the level of MY ACCOUNT, on the left you will find a return request. You will now be on your orders, important to identify the item on the correct order and to the left of it, choose return. Fill out the form, we strongly suggest including a photo and you have the option to write to us at any time. Once registered, we will receive your request, we will analyze it and an Email will be sent to you with the return form and the procedure.


16. I have a business with a fleet of vehicles, can I buy my wheels directly from DTD?

Unfortunately no. However, we will be happy to direct you to one of our retailers or distributors.


17. How can I apply to open an account?

Click on this link.


18. Do I have to have an account to place an order?

Yes and know that we are only open to businesses.


19. Where can I find a distributor of your products?

Please see our Distributors page


20. What are the delivery delays?

It takes a minimum of 24 hours.