Who are we?

DTD2009 is an ultra-modern wheel distributor that opens up to the customer experience. We do not reject the traditions that dominate; we challenge them! DTD2009 seeks to upset the status quo by enthusiastically opening up to all possibilities.

Our mission is to:

Provide the best quality of products at a competitive price.
Set up a national distribution network with strategic partners who want to be the best in their fields.
Create a partnership with our customers and our manufacturers to ensure that we are on the lookout for the latest news and recent developments.



When researching DTD products, you can count on:


  • Optimal wheel quality, recognized throughout North America;
  • Competitive prices;
  • Compliance with “OE Specs” standards;
  • Nested wheels right out of the factory, to facilitate storage and protect them;
  • Identification by engraved code;
  • Industry's lowest radial and lateral wobble tolerances;
  • High quality paint, suitable for Canadian climates;
  • Simple and flexible return and exchange policy.
  • Experienced, professional and committed team.
  • A varied inventory to meet all your needs.

Customer experience at the heart of our mission.



We are dedicated to bringing you the best product because we know that each customer has unique needs. Just like you, we are passionate!