Alloy Wheels

At DTD we distribute premium quality alloy wheels. Whether they are Replica or "tuning" style wheels, our commonly nicknamed "mag" wheels are manufactured by reputable factories, which have state-of-the-art equipment. We have visited a multitude of factories, and the ones we have chosen to manufacture our alloy wheels meet all the manufacturing criteria in terms of safety, strength, and quality. Several finishes are available in varying sizes between 8 "and 26." Indeed, the wheels can have a painted finish in a multitude of colours, a machined finish, chrome, and combinations between the finishes.

At DTD, we also make sure that the finish of our wheels is suitable for our climate. That’s why all of our alloy wheels come with an extra protective coating called ‘’ shield ’’. As the name says, this coating protects the wheels from damages caused by abrasives and other products used to keep our roads safe during our winter.

Our wheels still need to have minimal maintenance, but they will be more likely to retain their beauty for a longer period. At DTD we have established business relationships with a multitude of aluminum wheel manufacturers around the world. That being said, in addition to having our own trademark with DTD wheels, we are able to develop exclusive wheel models for our customers, with their logos. These could be manufactured in all of the sizes and finishes mentioned above, with the same strict finish criteria required for DTD wheels.

Our wheels are all manufactured according to North American requirements and conformity. It is, however, very important to know that we suggest choosing the models of wheels which are proposed to you by our search engine according to the applications.

A wheel might have the same fitment from vehicle to vehicle, but the load capacity might differ, and so it is possible that a wheel model is not suitable for a specific application and could even be a risk to the vehicle security. So it is very important to follow the application guide suggested by DTD in order to get the most out of your purchase.

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