Steel Wheels

Made from premium recycled steel, DTD steel wheels are ideal for pairing with winter tires, replacing damaged units or changing the size of your original wheels and tires. It’s also a reasonably priced option to protect your aluminum wheels from damage caused by winter conditions.

The vast majority of DTD steel wheels are manufactured with our own moulds and tools in order to control our recognized quality. We have visited over 30 factories all over the world and have our wheels made only by the best ones. We do not use middle agents, we work directly with our carefully selected factories. We deal directly with owners, engineers and designers so that the wheels we have manufactured are exactly to our desired standards and specifications. At DTD we ask our manufacturers to manufacture our wheels with the strictest standards in the industry, even surpassing the standards set by vehicle manufacturers.

Our standards for oscillation tolerances, paint finish and a number of small manufacturing details that we demand, ensure that DTD wheels are recognized as a benchmark in terms of quality. We own the moulds and tools used to manufacture more than 85% of our wheels, which gives us better quality control. DTD is innovative in developing applications for replacement wheels for vehicle models for which no steel wheels are available from manufacturers. In this way, we are helping to make spare wheel options accessible from both a practical and an economic point of view for the majority of vehicles that we find on our roads, either for use with winter tires or simply for replacements.

We offer several types of steel wheels to meet all user needs. Whether it's a question of appearance, a specific application issue or a budget issue, at DTD we have the wheels to suit different user needs. Our wheels are guaranteed against any manufacturing defect that may occur and are backed by our "OEM + Certified Quality" warranty. .

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