Direct fit

DTD 'Exact fit' is wheels that match perfectly to the hubs of vehicles of the desired application. Having a perfect seat with the vehicle in question virtually eliminates the risk of vibrations following an installation that is not perfectly done.

Also known or referred to as '' Direct-fit Wheels '', '' Centered Wheels '' they are probably the most popular or widespread wheels in the replacement steel wheel market better known under the popular name of '' aftermarket ''. These wheels have bores or centers varying between 54.1 mm and 132 mm for cars and SUV models and even up to 220 mm for light truck applications.

It is strongly recommended to use this type of wheel if OEM style wheels are not available for a specific application and are strongly recommended even if OEM wheels are available. By being perfectly suited to vehicle hubs, this option makes life easier for installers and minimizes the chances of vibrations that could cause inconvenience to users. Another feature of DTD's 'Exact Fit' type wheels is that the center of these wheels is mostly provided with bent and rounded center lips which makes the core even stronger, makes it easier to tighten the bolts properly and minimizes the risk of hand injuries when handling them.

DTD is constantly developing new models with exact bores for many vehicles for which the manufacturers have not even made replacement steel wheels. By manufacturing these different exclusive wheel designs, DTD offers users an alternative to protect their expensive aluminum wheels with a stronger option to match winter tires, and all at much more affordable and reasonable prices.

DTD wheels are recognized for their strength, their durability, their finishes which are adapted to the different weather conditions that characterize our country, their foolproof guarantees and their competitive prices.

DTD wheels are distributed through a network of strategic partners from coast to coast. Our business partners are proud to distribute our products and have the utmost confidence in the DTD brand.

For more information on "Exact fit" DTD wheels, please contact our customer service department directly or ask one of our DTD partner distributors.

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