Nuts and bolts

Our wide selection of generic and OEM nuts and bolts covers the most common applications for the needs of most vehicle applications or aftermarket replacement wheels. They are offered in different finishes and colours, for cars and light trucks. Our nuts and bolts are manufactured in factories at the cutting edge of new technologies, ensuring superior quality. In addition to the conventional nuts and bolts that you will find on the market, DTD is always trying to improve existing products. DTD was the first to manufacture a 1 piece bolts to replace the two pieces bolts (steel and metal cap) which are very fragile and expensive. By using solid nuts, shops can rely on their strength and thus stop replacing easily damaged bolts. Proof that even OEM products can be improved by the experts at DTD. We offer the largest selection of upgraded OEM style nuts and bolts. We are the logical solution for vehicle dealerships, repair shops, tire centers and spare parts dealers.

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